The Queen B by Arturo Fuente Cigar Company

Imagine a Queen sitting in a comfortable wheel, wearing a beautiful gold and red band, carefully waiting in a cedar vault for the right moment to jump into the box with the name Queen B Sun Grown printed on a square 18 count box.  It's a secret to know how long the Fuente family lets these belicosa beauties sit in the vault, but my my best estimation, I'd say, until Carlito says so!!

The Gran Reserva Line, especially the Chateau Queen B have characteristics similar to one another.  The Chateaus, named after the compound where they are grown, Chateau de la Fuente, mostly share the same insides.  A Dominican family blend, long held a secret, but sure to be a Dominican blend through and through.  This Queen B is draped in a dark oily Ecuadoran Sun Grown wrapper that adds spice and flavor.  Most cigars fancy the darker wrapper with strength, and the Queen B is a step up from the rest of the Chateau Naturals and Maduros.  It's sweeter.  It's nicer.  Just like the Queen.

Arturo Fuente Queen B Chateau Sun Grown Lord Puffer Cigars San Diego California Escondido

Searching an searching for information on this cigar led me to very little.  Seems like this cigar is a lesser known gem in the Fuente Portfolio.  Not many reviews, listed as the same thing over and over and actually listed as a regular Chateau on various online retailers.  This cigar IS special.  That is exactly why I chose to write about it.  It needs to be shared.  

First the size.  A perfect compliment to the King B as its smaller and a bit more curvy than the King B.  The cedar wrapped Belicosa, Belicoso, or short Torpedo (all the different ways people have described it) with the elegant red band around the bottom should catch your eye. 

Second the wrapper.  It looks dark like an Añejo, but the wrapper is smoother and less toothy.. actualy it's just plain prettier than the Añejo.  The signature capping at the pointed end is classic Fuente craftsmanship.

Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Queen B Chateau de la Fuente Lord Puffer Cigars San Diego California Escondido

Lastly the taste.  Maybe it's the shape that makes this cigar seem more centered and balanced, full of flavor and concentrated Dominican goodness.  I can tell its a Chateau, but that Sun Grown wrapper takes it up and over it's less spicy and less strong Chateau counterparts. 

At a price point around $7-$11 depending on where you live, you must give this cigar a try.  The Queen B does not disappoint.   

My only regret is I still don't know why it is called the Queen B?  Maybe because every King needs a Queen?  Who knows?  The next time I see Carlito, I will be sure to ask!

Lord Puffer Cigars will gladly help you choose this little lady the next time you visit!

Arturo Fuente Cigars Queen B Chateau de la Fuente Lord Puffer Cigars Escondido San Diego Californai


JJ Williams

Lord Puffer Tobacconist



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