Fire, Smoke and aged "Spirits." The story of The Angel's Share Opus X.

Fire and Smoke.

In 2011 the Fuente's experienced their 9th fire.  This fired burned aging tobacco with history dating back to the 1960's and plans for celebrating the 100th anniversary with some of this tobacco in the special blend.  No one was hurt.   Tobacco was lost and some of the buildings experienced fire damage.  Some said they saw billows of thick grey smoke coming from the famous barns.  Just imagine, 50+ year old tobacco, cared for, aged and ready for a masterpiece 100th anniversary cigar, gone.  I probably would have lost my sh$t!

Carlos Fuente, Jr. did not.  He acknowledged the smoke rising upwards to the heavens and asked the Angels to watch over the next phase of this disaster.  It's the kind of story that seems to good to be true.  Seems to hard to be that positive, unless you know the spirit of the Fuentes.  9 Fires? Movement back and forth across countries to make cigars over the 100 year period.  This determination and positive attitude is what gave purpose and meaning behind the creation of the Angel's Share Opus X.

A New Opus X.

1995 created one of the most iconic,  if not the #1 most sought after cigar in modern history, the Opus X.  It was an expensive, beautiful, strong, hard to find, Dominican Puro grown in fields that never produced such incredible sun grown wrapper. Don Carlos Fuente Sr., said... "I thought my son was crazy" when referring to the creation of such a cigar.  But here we are, still searching and savoring each stick with mouth watering don't let it end passion.

2012 was supposed to be different.  The 100th anniversary cigar was meant for the 50+ year old tobacco burnt up in the fire.  So what was the new plan.

Angels Share Opus X Arturo Fuente Lord Puffer Cigars

17 years after the original Opus X was released, Carlos Fuente Jr. decided it was time for a new Opus X to hit the shelves.  This time it would be middle priming wrapper leaf and an offering to cigar enthusiasts with just a little less power and more nuance, creaminess and nutty sweetness... and of course a new name.

The Aging Spirits, birth of the Angel's Share.

Get back to the billows of smoke rising up from the burning tobacco Carlos Fuente Jr. watched head towards the Angels.  It reminded him of something.  Long aged spirits ( bourbon, wine, grappa, etc..) experience a loss while aging in barrels.  See, when the aging period was complete, the distillers, wine makers of old were faced with a mystery. Why did a cask full of spirit lose half its total volume? Lacking scientific knowledge, they believed the loss was the portion that nature gave to the guardian angels, the protectors who watched over people’s lives and work. They called this loss the Angel's Share.  Imagine, Angels enjoying the fine smoke and offering protection for the future.

Angel's Share Opus X is the Fuente way of looking at things with the cigar half full!  Making the best from the ashes.  Angel's Share Opus X is the smoke prayers of the Fuentes towards the future of the family and those who enjoy their creations.  After researching this cigar, I know that I will look at my smoke heading upwards in a different way.  And maybe, I can look to the Fuente's for a bit of inspiration during these uncertain times.  Either way, I'll never look at the Angel's Share Opus X cigar in the same way.

arturo fuente angels share opus x lord puffer cigars

Lord Puffer Tobacconist has the full line up of Angel's share cigars.  Call the store, visit the retail location or check out the website: to give this Opus X a try.


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