The Short Story by Arturo Fuente Cigars.

Hemingway, without a doubt created "a body of work that has changed the course of storytelling and given new cadences to the language," wrote critic Charles Poore in his forward to a 1953 anthology, The Hemingway Reader.

If you read that quote from Charles Poore then maybe we have a clue into what the Fuentes were doing when they named a cigar line after esteemed author Ernest Hemingway.  It's for sure that the Fuentes have changed the course of cigar making and brought back hints into history with each offering in their Hemingway line.  

So goes the Story of the Short Story.

For cigar fanatics the name “Hemingway” brings to mind cigars and the writer.  The figurado or perfecto shaped cigar, known today as the Short Story, with a small 46 ring tapered head and perfecto foot measuring in at 49, is known to most as the “Hemingway” style to most aficionados.

According to Carlos Fuente, Jr., this shape did not originate with the Hemingway line of cigars.  He contends that this shape is a classic Cuban style perfecto that was popular back in the 1920’s through the 50’s. The size disappeared from production after many of the rollers passed away and the creativity for such cigars did as well.  But then something very cool happened.  Carlos Fuente Sr. found  “Hemingway” molds his father had stored in the Ybor City factory and decided to recreate the shape known as cuban perfectos.

In the 80's these cigars were rare to find until regular production brought in the Hemingway line to cigar smokers.  These days, the multiple sizes and various wrappers captivate smokers looking for the Short Stout Short Story or the long, ever smoking Masterpiece.


Arturo Fuente Hemingway House Dominican Republic Angela Yue Photo

Here is a photo of Lord Puffer's own, Angela Yue in front of the recreated Hemingway Key West House in the Dominican Republic on the Fuente properties.

Arturo Fuente Short Story Cigar Lord Puffer San Diego Escondido Cigars Hemingway

The 45 minute-ish, Short Story is the perfecto mix of sweet cameroon and medium bodied dominican blend tobacco that appeals to all palates.  There aren't many cigars still around from the 1980's, but this classic should be a staple in your rotation.  Lord Puffer Cigars has a full line up of Hemingway Cigars in all sizes and wrappers.  Please check out the website to order yours today.

For a great history about Ernest Hemingway, check out this article from Cigar Aficionado:


Wrapper: African Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Shape: Perfecto 4 x 46-49


Written by: JJ Williams

Lord Puffer Cigars 2020

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Arlene Becton - March 25, 2020

What an awesome write up and so very educational. Thank you so much for the piece of history and knowledge!
Looking forward to the next write up.

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