Cigar Humidors and Humidifying Devices have really come a long way in the past thirty years. When I first starting smoking and storing my premium cigars I had to pay a king’s ransom to find a good airtight humidor, and no matter how much I spent, those darn humidifiers were never reliable. Things have changed drastically today with lower production costs and many more manufacturers coming to market. For as little as 30-bucks, I can find a good humidor with the same high-end quality as that $500 dollar box I purchased in 1990. As for humidification, top companies like Madelaine, Cigar Oasis, Boveda, and Xikar, to name a few, have revolutionized the industry. To keep cigars in perfect, worry-free smoking condition, these state-of-art devices have hi-tech moisturizing components such as polymer crystal and highly- absorbent, antimicrobial foam as opposed to the standard florist foam that cracked and was always thirsty.

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