The Curly Head is not curly.. or is it?

Fuente is known for its amazing one of a kind cigars like the Opus X or the Añejo.  That quality comes with a pricetag over $15 for most of those types of Fuente Cigars.

Then there is the Curly Head cigar.  At or around $2 a cigar, it is by far the least expensive cigar in the Fuente lineup.  It comes in a Claro, Connecticut and a Maduro.  These cuban sandwich cigars are a mix of long and short filler wrapped in a tasty and toothy leaf.  Cigar lore says that the cigars are filled with the premium leftovers from the rest the Fuente portfolio and wrapped in choice leaves.

But I was in the search for why call it the Curly Head.  It does not have a pig tail or anything related to something being curly.  The head of the cigar does have a sort of Three Stooges Curly rounded head, but that can't be the reason.  The cigar is very unique in its shape and it's simplicity might lead to the answer.  The cuban sandwich has a slight curly end but it is under the cap.  This style cigar was very popular amongst cubans as a house roll for consumption by the people.

As for the cigar, value value value.  At $90 for a box of 40 cigars, it is a consistent choice for value shoppers looking for something to smoke.  Whether it's during the cold winter and you are around a fire and not sure how long you can stand the cold, or fishing for trout on your favorite stream, the Curly Head is an everyday cigar, full of flavor and value.

If you desire to taste candela in its original form, definitely try the Claro (green) version.  It is full of hay and grass notes.  The maduro is full flavored and medium plus while the Connecticut is mild and very woodsy.

Take your next free $2 and give these cigars a try.  I'm sure your grandfather did!!!  

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