Rare Fuente Opus X (Sneak Peak)

Many of you have seen Angela Yue and her huge collection of unicorn cigars she has collected over the years, and yes, it is impressive!  I thought why not start compiling as much information as I can about some of these unicorn cigars.

The picture below shows the following cigars:  from left to right:

God's Whisper, The Toymaker's Reserve, PJ, Don Carlos Personal Reserve Petit Lancero, Fuente Fuente OpusX Lancero (hybrid maduro wrapper) and the Chile Pepper.

Rare Opus X cigars Arturo Fuente Cigars Lord Puffer Cigars Escondido CA Dan Diego

For this blog I'll start with the first one on the left: The God's Whisper.  

This cigar should not be confused with the Opus X 20th Anniversary  God's Whisper (The Blue One) or the Forbidden X 13th God's Whisper (The one with the 13 on it).  This cigar is very different.  

Opus X Gods Whisper Carlito Fuente Arturo Fuente Rare Cigars Lord Puffer Escondido San Diego CA

You'll notice right away the smaller Opus X band as well as the size.  Is it a robusto?  Is it a double robusto?  The answer is.. it's the size that Carilto Fuente asked them to make for his own private blend. This is his cigar.  It is almost always found in his shirt pocket of one of his Berta Bravo Guayabera's.  AS far as I know, this is the only way to secure this cigar.  It is not for sale in any way shape or form.  Carlito must hand this cigar to you or have it sent directly to you as a gift.  Holy Grail?  Maybe.  If you love Opus X like me, then yes..  this is the Holy Grail.

Maybe one day Angela Yue will share one with me, or if Carlito is reading this..  maybe just one?  Just one?  Please?  Pretty Please?

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