New Fuente products to showcase at PCA this summer... maybe?

Back in January, right after 4 major companies pulled out of the PCA Tradeshow for 2020, Fuente Cigars announced their support for the trade organization and also promised to be releasing PCA exclusive cigars at the show scheduled for July 10-14, 2020 in Las Vegas Nevada. 

Little did anyone know (well some people knew, but that is to be debated) that the Covid-19 virus would shut down and change life as we know it.  The Future of the PCA Tradeshow, as of today, is that it will move forward as planned.  I'm sure this is being debated daily and could of course change at any minute, but for the sake of the blog, let's assume PCA is going to happen, exhibitors and retailers will show up and Vegas is back to normal and everyone is going to do what they said they will do including the Fuentes.

So somewhere back in 2009-2010 A. Fuente released a Hemingway Signature Rosado.  I can not find the exact dates, or any significant reviews on it, but it looks to be as limited as let's say an 8-5-8 Sun-Grown.  Fast forward to 2020 PCA.  A four cigar box release will include 4 sizes: Short Story, Signature, Work of Art and a brand new size called the Carlito's Way, and a four box release of Opus X Forbidden X, but ONLY to retailers attending the tradeshow.

This is exciting.  A new size of Hemingway!  Carlito's Way?  Sounds awesome.  I know that the Carilto's Way drink at Casa Fuente is one of my favorites.  I know that Lord Puffer will be on the list to receive these rare cigars once they are released so I know where to get mine!

Carito's Way Drink at Casa Fuente by JJ Williams

Details of the cigars are forthcoming.  I have contact the Fuente Company for more information.  I will update the blog as soon I as I receive anything.


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