Cigar Bingo... Entering a new world!!

So what do you do when you are stuck inside, can't think straight and are struggling for ideas for the next blog to write?  

Play no money slot machines on your phone!!  At least thats what us degenerate gamblers from Vegas do!  So I'm playing this game and eventually run out of chips...  but.. they give me a chance to win some chips by playing Bingo..  I hit bingo pretty quickly and won 300,000 chips.  Then it hit me..  Why not play this live on Facebook with people stuck at home smoking cigars and give them great prizes when they win!!  But would anyone really buy the tickets and play?

Well this weekend we will have our second game and we are getting closer and closer to the 100 card mark!!!   And it is fun!!  We have a live bingo machine where we pick the bingo balls and call them out on facebook, and when someone gets bingo they have to write it in the comments section of the live show!  It's amazingly fun and quite a good distraction from the period of time we live in.

So if you are bored on a Sunday afternoon, tune in to Facebook Live on Lord Puffer Cigars and watch the Bingo Game!  Better yet, go to and purchase a card for $10 or get 5 for $40 and chances to win crazy good prizes!!!

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