Arturo Fuente Merchandise coming soon to Lord Puffer!

Today, Arturo Fuente launched a new online merchandise store on its official website, Aimed at Fuente Fanatics all around the world, the premium cigar company is providing its fanbase with an easy-to-use retail platform where they can directly purchase all the beautiful non-cigar products that Fuente passionately creates, such as accessories, clothing, and more! “Our fans are constantly reaching out in search of where to buy the latest Fuente item” said Liana Fuente, Vice President of Brand Development. “So we created this online platform to help fans all over the globe get what they want, when they want it.” In addition to merchandise being made available direct to consumers, the online store will also include a wholesale section which will provide a bulk pricing discount to local Brick & Mortar shops. This is part of the Arturo Fuente Support Local initiative, the company’s long-standing commitment to encourage its fanbase to visit and support local retail shops. “Our family business has been around since 1912, and we have succeeded throughout these 100 years due in large part to the local mom & pop shops,” said Liana. “Therefore, every time we create a new program or initiative such as this online store, we always think long and hard on how to best include the local shops, because their success is our success too.” For this reason, Fuente will not sell any cigars nor gather any customer information via the online store.

Happy shopping Fuente Fanatics, and remember, ONLY FUENTE IS FUENTE!

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